We’re one of the largest exporter companies in Turkey.

10 years of experience in construction, logistics and engineering…


The group companies consist of 5 companies that are affiliated to each other and that act as the customer representatives of these companies in Turkey. It serves as a platform where institutions and individuals find effective solutions in the direction of their projects and requests.


Group aims the end users and producers to gain profit by increasing the profit of general supply chain.  The objective is to complete the work and to provide service, assistance and support in every sense by 10 years of experience in construction, logistics and engineering.  We stand behind our words, and we provide customer satisfaction under each condition. As we target long term relationships and as we deem our customers as our friends, we aren’t making concessions to customer satisfaction even when we can’t make profit.


UTA Foreign Trade Company

UTA Foreign Trade performs the import and export of materials and equipments determined for the projects.


UTA Logistics Company

UTA Logistics effectively transport to required locations the material and equipments that it commits to transport.


UTA Building Materials

Materials and construction provides equipment for the shops and stores.


UTA Technology Agency

It provides innovation to enterprises by closely following-up new technological trends and by using technological tools.


Story Building Materials

Materials and construction provides equipment for the shops and stores.


Mak Sports Field Surfaces

It provides the supply of court grounds and other sports equipments in the whole world.


Global Access

The global access of the group enables it to reach to required solutions in the whole world. UTA Group performs the distributorship of producers from countries such as Italy, Malaysia, India, Turkey and China.

UTA Group is one of the leading export companies of Turkey by an average of 50-60 articulated lorries per month. It is providing materials and equipments to projects in the whole world. UTA Group had realized its projects in countries such as Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, UAE, Iraq, Libya Algeria, Ghana, Mali, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia etc.

UTA Group has special licenses and permits by which it can supply hazardous, explosive materials and chemicals. It also works with giant group companies and countries such as PETRONAS (Turkmenistan), DIA HOLDING (Azerbaijan), DEPA Group (UAE), SAIPEM (Italy), REBAISSANCE (Turkmenistan), Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan), BAUER (Germany), Turkmenistan Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Army of Turkmenistan, Turkish Air Force etc.

UTA Group continues its investment projects by its regional partners in other countries.

Group’s Strategy

Supplying the materials and equipments requested for the realization of project in the most economic manner and in the direction of determined budget and operations is our primary objective.

UTA performs detailed market researches along with its customers, and it evaluates different offers in order select the most effective solution.

Our activities are being carried out through the cash advance receipt-sales method. By this method, we’re procuring the products under convenient conditions and selling the same by a small profit in order to expand our customer portfolio.

UTA creates the opportunity to work with producers from as much sectors as possible. While this condition provides options to our customers, it enables the producers to get into larger markets.

Services and Solutions

Through the companies within the group, we’re generally providing construction materials and industrial products –relevant to all activity fields from ground to roof and from excavation to landscaping-, and we’re meeting the project requirements and material and bureaucracy operations.

We’re performing detailed market researches in order to find the most economic producer and qualified materials and equipments. It’s being worked on construction, industry and infrastructure projects in order to supply materials and equipments. Specific project operations are being performed in the direction of the customers’ requests. UTA evaluates the projects of the customers by all their aspects.

UTA provides project studies, import, warehouse, export, procurement and logistics services. It also allows a close relation with the producer, and provides very short delivery periods.

UTA Group works with medium scaled foreign construction companies that don’t have procurement, logistics and operation departments due to high operating costs. On the other hand, it provides service to companies with low import/export experience, to giant and multinational companies in the world, and to DIY chains which are unable to manage their own supplies due to bureaucratic obstacles and pricing conditions.

The infrastructure that we had established is very hard and costly due to foreign language obstacles and paper works as well as being among regional producers and foreign companies.

Quick & Effective

Through our expert and experienced team, we’re quickly evaluating your requests and providing effective solutions.

Global Service

We’re proud to be your global solution partner through our power that is able to provide flawless service at all continents.


Don’t encounter international bureaucratic obstacles. Let us expedite your business relevant to import and export by our certificates of authority.


We’re providing services in the whole world on the issues of storage and logistics, and we’re effectively consigning them to relevant locations.