Turn-key superstructure and industrial plant configuration...
Project design,
material supply and logistics services.
International logistics operations.
We’re meeting all your requirements in the demand sector…
Storage, export, logistics and others

International Commerce Agency

It’s a service platform where institutions and individuals find effective solutions in the direction of their projects and requests.

Quick & Effective

Through our expert and experienced team,
we’re quickly evaluating your requests and providing effective solutions.

Global Service

We’re proud to be your global solution partner through our power that is able to provide flawless service at all continents.


Don’t encounter international bureaucratic obstacles. Let us expedite your business relevant to import and export by our certificates of authority.


We’re providing services in the whole world on the issues of storage and logistics, and we’re effectively consigning them to relevant locations.

By 10 years of experience in construction, logistics and engineering…

UTA Group aims the end users and producers to gain profit by increasing the profit of general supply chain.

We’re providing service on all continents through our international distributorship contracts…

Through our team that is expert on import, export and operation, we provide to our customers the correct materials expeditiously under most convenient

conditions by finding the most qualified and economic producers in each country as producers of construction and industrial materials being in the first place.

UTA Foreign Trade performs the import and export of materials and equipments determined for the projects.

UTA Logistics effectively transport to required locations the material and equipments that it commits to transport.

UTA Building Materials rapidly consigns all your demands within Turkey through its wholesale point located at Atasehir and through its warehouse of 20.000 m².

It provides innovation to enterprises by closely following-up new technological trends and by using technological tools.

UTA Energy Construction performs the supply of materials used in the construction of international energy projects.

It provides the supply of court grounds and other sports equipments in the whole world.

Our registered trademark STROY made its mark in a short while with its quality in the production of qualified and robust scaffold groups and form oils in the construction sector.

Every continent of the world import, export, and operational expert working on the Turkish company.